What's so special about our Coffee#1 seasonal winter blend coffee?

Get your taste buds tingling with key notes of dark chocolate, cherry and cinnamon.

Fresh from our roastery, this unique, premium, rich blend celebrates the aromatics of the season. A wonderful and unique Indian Peaberry packed with lots of flavour is complemented with a classic high-altitude coffee from one of the most renown coffee regions of the world, Guatemala Huehuetenango.

Carefully roasted to a medium level to highlight the combined key notes of dark chocolate, cherry and cinnamon, making this blend deep, rich and complex.

Interesting facts about the Indian Peaberry

The Indian Peaberry is a natural mutation of just one bean or seed inside the berry, instead of the usual two seeds when forming the fruits. The only bean formed is round, and it gives a more flavoursome cup with a pleasant and crisp acidity. It takes careful screening to separate and select just the Peaberry from the rest of the beans. These beans are sought after not only for their flavour but their shape. Grown in Chikmagalur in the shade of native trees between 1300 to 1500m, each berry is handpicked, washed and sun dried before making its way to our roastery. The peaberry on it’s own boasts the combined flavours of sweet cherry, chocolate and cinnamon.

Photo of coffee peaberries in a sorting tray         Photo of coffee beans in flower growing under trees

Interesting facts about the Guatamalan bean

This bean comes from Huehuetenango, located in the western highlands of Guatemala in the Cuchumatanes mountain range. It’s one of the three non-volcanic coffee regions where coffee grows at very high altitudes, from 1400m to 2000m. Grown under the shade of native trees, the beans are handpicked, washed and sun dried. They contain the key notes of juicy, citrus, chocolate and caramel.

Photo of coffee peaberries in buckets after being hand picked    Lady hand picking peaberries

Caring for our coffee bean suppliers

We have a direct relationship with our farmers and never underestimate the importance of continuing to support independent suppliers. Where possible we source from small family run businesses that benefit greatly from our purchases, and where this is not possible, we pride ourselves in sourcing beans that are above fair-trade standards.

Try our Coffee#1 seasonal winter blend coffee

Next time you’re in a Coffee#1 store, just ask a barista for our Seasonal coffee when ordering.

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