Coffee#1 App

Our new app is now available to download

The Coffee#1 App is a new, faster way to collect loyalty stamps and earn exclusive rewards, with the option to link a payment card for faster, secure service. To find out more, please read the following FAQ.

You can download the app for android here or iOS here.


What is the Coffee#1 App?

The Coffee#1 App is a new loyalty system designed to allow customers to collect stamps and earn free drinks securely through their mobile phone. It will also allow customers to link a payment card if they choose for a faster experience at the counter, and will offer exclusive discounts for users to take advantage of.

Why did you replace the old system?

We recently replaced the till system in Coffee#1 and the new tills no longer support the #1Card. As a result, we introduced the app so that there is still a secure way for customers to collect their loyalty stamps.

What about the stamps I had on my #1Card?

When you download the app, you will be able to enter your #1Card number as a promo code and the free drinks you have earned will be added as vouchers in the app.

What’s the difference between a #1Card and a Collecting Card?

A #1Card is the old loyalty card.

A Collecting Card is a temporary card which you can collect stamps with. To redeem the vouchers earned, you need to transfer to the app. Please see the images below for clarification.

Will I still earn stamps/free drinks the same way?

Yes- 1 stamp will still be awarded for every barista-prepared hot or cold drink purchased (excludes bottled and baby drinks), and every 10 stamps will trigger a free drink.

What are the new features?

The new app has several exciting features-

  • In app payment– you can link a payment card securely to the app allowing you to pay and collect your stamps all in one go.
  • Sharing free drink vouchers– you can use your free drink yourself or send the voucher to a friend as a gift.
  • In app offers– There will be regular offers in the app which will allow you to earn extra stamps/discounts as an app user.

I cannot/do not wish to download the app. How can I claim loyalty stamps?

Paper stamp cards have been issued to some of our stores.

I have more questions not answered in this guide. Who do I contact?

If you have already downloaded the app please use the in-app help section and a member of the support team will assist with your query. For all other queries please email