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Our Eco-Cups

We’re proud to be serving your favourite drink in our Eco-Cup, Coffee#1’s innovative biodegradable, double-walled takeaway cups with compostable lids.

The infatuation the British have with coffee dates back as far as the 17th century, which is fortunate for coffee shops and cafes, but not so much for the environment! A nation of coffee drinkers means the UK uses an estimated 3 billion disposable cups each year.

The reason that so many cups are thrown away every year in the UK is rooted in the desire to drink coffee and walk at the same time – more and more people are on the move and want ‘on the go’ drinks, and they need them immediately.

You would assume that all takeaway cups are recyclable since they are made out of paper, but unfortunately this is not the case. The recyclable bit of disposable cups is covered with a plastic film to prevent the paper from getting soggy, which leads to most cups going directly to a landfill because of how difficult it is to remove this film. (In fact, the waste produced from disposable cups alone adds up to about 25,000 tons a year, which is enough to fill Cardiff’s Millennium Centre twice over).

While sustainability is an integral part of our ethos at Coffee#1, we know some of our guests prefer to enjoy their favourite drinks outdoors, and we’ve taken care to ensure that you can do so while also taking care of the environment. We are proud to be one of very few companies who use compostable cups – our Eco-Cups are entirely biodegradable, with plant starch used for both the lining inside the cup and the lid itself. What’s more, the double-skin of our disposable cups means your drink will stay hot for longer.

If you’re as enthusiastic as we are about looking after the environment, you can help take care of it whilst you’re enjoying your eco-friendly drink!