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Latté Art

Liina has been training up our Coffee#1 baristas for more than 3 years now.

Earlier this month, she competed amongst ten of the UK’s top baristas in the SCAE Latte Art Championship 2012 at the Excel Centre, London, winning 3rd place!

The competition is an opportunity for baristas to showcase creativity and flare in the new artisan craft of latte pouring.

In the first round the baristas were given 10min to improvise patterns on as many drinks as they could pour and present their most creative at the end of the round.

In the second round, the competitors had 6min to free-pour two lattes with a signature design to match a photo of a design they submitted.

It was then left to the judges to assess the technical skill and the flavour of the drinks.

Liina’s dragon design came out tops in the first round and helped her claim a third place overall.

“It was great fun” said Liina, “It takes a lot of concentration and a steady hand and really puts your nerves to the test! I’m already practicing an array of great new designs for next year!” .

Congratulations to Peter Attridge who won first prize and is going on to represent Great Britain in the World Latte Art Championships in Novemeber.

Photography: Hazel Guppy