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Brewing Methods

Even though we know there’s nothing quite like getting your daily caffeine fix down at your local Coffee #1 store, sometimes you just can’t manage the trip.

So to save you from your ‘instant’ nightmares we’re bringing you the lowdown on all the best ways of satisfying your cravings for a smooth, rich cup in the comfort of your own home… any time of day or night!

Now we’re all familiar with the trusty old caffetiere, but home brewing doesn’t stop there!
Here at Coffee#1, we’ve got all the latest gadgetry of the coffee world for sale in store. So next time you’re down have a little peruse of the retail section and see if anything takes your fancy. Meanwhile, have a little read up on the differences between brewing methods…

Aero Press

Great if you’re in a hurry in the mornings. The Aero Press, invented in 2005, enables you to make espresso style coffee in about 30 seconds without having to shell out lots of money and faff about with a big complicated espresso machine!

It uses an airlock to force hot water through ground coffee with even pressure.

We love this gadget because it’s fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and produces a full-flavoured yet smooth shot of coffee. It’s also light and portable so you can have great dose of coffee wherever you go.

Ceramic Pour Over Cone

The Ceramic Pour Over Cone sits nicely on top of your cup. Pop a filter paper into its cone, and add coffee and hot water.

Freshly brewed coffee then drips through the opening in the base directly into your cup.

The Clever Coffee Dripper

A great way to create that perfectly brewed flavour. Using a Clever Coffee Dripper, it’s easy to make a single cup at a time so it’s always fresh and brewed for just the right amount of time.

What differentiates the Clever Coffee Dripper from a traditional Pour Over Cone is its valve. The valve stops the water dripping through, allowing the coffee time to sit and infuse fully in the hot water so the full flavour profile of the coffee is extracted.

When the valve is released, the brewed coffee will drain through a fine filter paper ensuring no grains pass through, giving you a nice ‘clean’ cup full of the perfect flavour.

So once you’ve got the right kit and perfected your brewing techniques, the other vital factor is the coffee itself.

Fear not! We’ve got that one covered too! Pick up a bag of our triple certified Urth Blend – Coffee#1’s own special blend that you can buy from your local Coffee#1 store. We’re happy to grind your beans to a level best suited to your home brewing method… for example the Aero Press requires a finer ground bean than both of the drip brewing methods. So just let us know which way you prefer your bean and we shall be happy to oblige!

Happy brewing folks!