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The Legend of Monsoon Malabar

In the days of the British Raj, the East India Company filled ships with exotic spices, fabrics and tea from the Indian Subcontinent and sent them across the oceans to Britain.

Coffee from India’s Malabar Coast was amongst those precious goods.

It was on the long and perilous voyages of these ships, that Monsoon Malabar – an exquisite variety of coffee we still enjoy here at Coffee#1 today – was fortuitously discovered.

In those days, coffee was not stored cool, dry and air-tight as it is today…

After being dried under the heat of the Indian sun, the beans would spend months in the dark cargo holds of wooden ships, tossed around in the thick, damp air of the monsoon. This caused the beans to swell, losing their acidity, eventually arriving on British shores with an exceptionally delicious taste!

Their character had changed… their colour turned pale and golden, their flavour developed a strong, musty and wild depth, carrying rustic notes of spice, wood, chocolate and nuts.

The days of the old merchant sailing ships have passed. But the Indians found that by storing coffee beans until monsoon season, then allowing the monsoon air and winds to circulate around the beans over the course of 12-16 weeks the same affect was achieved.

It is through this process that we can enjoy what has become known as Monsoon Malabar coffee today. You can immerse yourself in this legend by treating yourself to a mug (or few) of brewed Monsoon Malabar in our stores.

Snuggle down in a comfy leather chair and let each sip tell you stories of stormy oceans and distant lands.