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Flavours of Brazil

Our house blend at Coffee#1 is a combination of beans from Ethiopia, Rwanda* and Brazil.

To bring the beans to life – last week we blogged about Ethiopian coffee… and so this week we’re talking about Brazil!

Well as Frank Sinatra once sang “There’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil” and that’s still true to this day. Brazil produces more coffee than any other country on earth – accounting for around a third of the world’s coffee production.

Coffee was only introduced to Brazil in 1727, but it flourished in the country’s rich soil and the hot, humid climate. It quickly became the ‘drink of the people’, fuelling Brazilian culture by keeping people awake and perky through the long hot days.

Cafezinho meaning ‘little coffee’ is taken throughout the day by Brazilians. It’s a super small, super strong and super sweet shot of black coffee. Most Brazilians wouldn’t entertain the idea of coffee without sugar!

With its low acidity (due to the low altitude growing regions), the mellow, sweet and rounded characteristics of the Brazilian bean have brought it world fame. We certainly get good reports from our customers in Coffee#1!

So why not try for yourself? Here at Coffee#1 you can chose between our house blend and our Brazilian filter coffee**.

Close your eyes and imagine the sunshine and lush plantations whilst you sip!

*Recently changed from Cameroon to Rwanda due to availability
**Filter coffee is not yet available in Bishopston, Clifton, Abergavenny and Monmouth stores.