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Coffee that looks as good as it tastes…

imagecomingHere at Coffee#1 we love coffee. We love everything about it. We love the smell of our wonderful single origin Costa Rican drip coffee freshly brewing first thing in the morning. We love the taste of our first creamy cappuccino of the day and we love nothing more than a lovely latte in the early afternoon that puts a spring in our step, a smile on our face and sends us dancing towards our home time hot chocolate!

We’re super passionate about our coffee (and a bit geeky too if truth be told!), but we know how much a coffee break means to our customers and we do everything we can to make sure your daily cup is the best it can possibly be.

We like to make every drink a bit special – that’s why we create a rather splendid swirly pattern on your latte. It’s our way of showing that we haven’t just poured the milk in any old how, but have taken our time to make sure it’s the silkiest, swirliest, most velvety milk possible. Great milk comes from being steamed into a whirlpool and stretched at just the right temperature, IMG_0908at just the right speed, with just the right amount of air pulled into it. It should be lovely and silky and seriously shiny – polished is what we professional people call it. So next time you hear a barista talking about polishing your milk, fear not, they haven’t taken to it with a feather duster, they’re just making sure that it’s the perfect consistency for your cup.

Sometimes, you might get a really pretty picture instead of a swirl – we love a bit of latte art and we’re working towards all our baristas being able to get creative in your cup – some of us are a bit more Pollack than Picasso at times but it’s not that easy to master, so bear with us whilst we fine tune our inner artist!

We love our milk almost as much as we love our coffee, but think that too much of something is never a good thing – So you won’t find bucket sized drinks at Coffee#1 because we want you to taste our wonderful beans underneath. We want our milk to complement our coffee – it’s a bit like Morecambe and Wise really – it wouldn’t be the same without Ernie but we all tuned in for Eric. That said our milk is still super important to us and that’s why we use locally sourced milk from dairy farms that we trust. That way, we know we’re getting the best quality product and we can ensure a fair price for the farmer; everyone wins, including Daisy the cow!

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