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Ethics & Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility remains part of our ethos at Coffee#1 and continues to demonstrate as follows; we recycle our coffee grounds, offering them to our customers for compost. Coffee#1 ‘sleeves for life’ are made from up-cycled coffee sacks; supporting Remploy (helping people with disabilities find employment). In 2014 we launched our Coffee#1 Keep Cups (the award winning sustainable cup) which sits alongside our branded double walled biodegradable cups with compostable PLA lids for our take away customers. We continue to reduce waste by rewrapping and recycling our menu boards and by using recycled napkins and stationery.

Coffee#1’s Commitment to the Community continues. Local charities are helped through the gingerbread man scheme, where all profit is donated from the sale of each biscuit. It makes a huge difference to small local charities, touching the heart of the community. Individual stores also support their local fundraisers. For example, Wellington raised £1k for flood relief, the team gave up their free time to host the event.

Fairtrade & ethically traded produce: We continue to stock fair trade and organic products; fair trade products alone make up 7% of our range. Third party bodies such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance are independent guarantors and guarantee that the coffee has been sourced and traded in a recognisable way to certain internationally approved standards. Our Coffees are regionally sourced and the ethical stance can be traced back to the ethical practises of the raw coffee importers. The key difference here is that it is neither independent nor recognised to any international standards, however importers like D.R. Wakefield (who supply our raw coffees) adhere to their own strict Social Responsibility Code and it is this standard by which the “Ethically Traded” badge can be used. Here is a link to their Social Responsibility Website.

All of our suppliers of raw coffee have their own Social Responsibility programs and as a further example, another of our major suppliers is Complete Coffee. Here is information on their Foundation Program