Coffee#1 opened its first store on Wood Street Cardiff in 2001. Since then, we’ve spent the last twelve years making a name for ourselves, serving up the finest ethical, gourmet coffee around South Wales and the West Country.

We now have over 44 coffee shops sprinkled across South Wales, South West and the South Coast. We’ve picked up two BSA awards along the way and won the title ‘Best UK Coffee Chain’ the past five years in a row!

In our coffee shops you’ll find beautifully handcrafted coffee made with passion and skill served up in cosy coffee houses with lashings of character and cheer. Our beans are ethical and our milk is sourced from local dairy farms!

Pop in for buttery teacakes or a wholesome bowl of porridge to accompany your morning coffee. Protect, boost and cleanse yourself with our freshly squeezed fruit and veg ‘Super Juices’ and try out our fine selection of baps, sandwiches, savoury croissants, salads and panini for lunch and the most marvellous array of tea and cakes for afternoon tea.