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Urth Blend

Ever wished you could take a bit of that Coffee#1 experience home with you? Well you might like to try Urth Blend!

Urth Blend is Coffee#1’s speciality coffee blend that you can buy in all our stores – ready-ground or as fully-intact beans!

It’s a fine balance of beans sourced from Papua New Guinea to Brazil and Honduras. It has sweet fruity, nutty notes with a floral aroma. Its smooth acidity and buttery mouth feel create a pleasingly rounded espresso experience.

It’s also the most ethically sound coffee you can get because it’s ‘Triple Certified’. That means it comes from farms that are certified as Fairtrade by the Fairtrade Foundation, certified Organic by the EU and approved by the Rainforest Alliance. So you can be sure to get a brew that’s not only superior quality but socially, economically and environmentally sustainable too!

It comes in this nice little hessian coffee sack which makes a lovely gift – for yourself or someone else!